Project 5:Performance – Bored and Hungry (Endurance)



Project 5: Performance Art

At first, I wanted to do a process piece. I wanted to figure out why when adding 2 things that I love like Family and Art do I hate the experience. I created a dragon costume for my little sister – with no thanks or appreciation. I carved a pumpkin for my boyfriend to enter into a contest at work on the condition he keep me company while I did it, but he fell asleep so I stayed up for hours alone. I learned through my processes that family takes for granted that although you may be gifted at something, it still takes effort. These images also had three videos with them of how i created the concept, my prep and the process.

I wanted to compile a video about this frustration on Halloween, getting my sister ready, but I ended up in the hospital that day.

Here are some pictures of the week earlier when I ironed it all out. 

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Instead, I chose to stick with things that frustrate me. I took a video of me waiting almost 30 mins for food in a restaurant. It is an endurance piece. Staying still is not easy, especially when you are bored and hungry.

especially when you are bored and hungry.

Reading response

It seems to me that the artist is only interested in what physical effects sound can have for her. Does this actually allow her to explore the world of sound or just explain to us how she interprets it? Her work is performance, but she cannot experience it the way we do. If a person watched her art and was able to listen to it as versed not being able to wouldn’t they have different interpretations of her art?

Project 4: GIF – Death

My GIF project is based on the word death. Above observe an x ray image of the head. I used an illustrated picture of synapses to assist me in deciding where the bright/firing locations were. In the beginning you see a healthy flickering brain. The flickering slows down and eventually stops. When synapses seize to fire the brain is dead. To emphasize this, as the flicker slows I inserted burned images. It was my intent that the regular image and burn image when played in succession would imitate a slowing pulse. After toying with the timing, I find myself in a satisfactory position. I believe that it is possible for a person to watch this GIF and have the word death cross their mind. The concept has been depicted.

Project 4: GIF – Death, Materials

I only used 2 photos to make my gif. It is a simple concept and I do not believe that it required any more.

Project 4: GIF – Death, Ideas

For this project we were asked to make a GIF animating a word. My word was Death. So I brainstormed about death:

Lack of life, failure to thrive, life has been taken away (on accident, or on purose ex- murder or suicide), xbox red ring of death, 1/2 life circle (eco-cycle), sad/tragic, honorable, when neurons seize or fail to fire in the brain, dark angel/grim reaper, lights out, end of the road, PC blue screen of death, videogame – loosing a turn/life, super nova/brown dwarf.

These were some of my project ideas –

*Animal walks to center screen/ animal eats vegetation/ animal dies/ animal decays/ vegetation grows/ repeat

I did not choose this one because although it makes a statement about death, without knowing i am working with the word death it would no more represent death than life.

* Boy sits at computer/Computer blue screens/ boy slams computer against desk/ computer electrocutes boy/ boy is skeleton

I did not use this because it’s comical. Death isn’t necessarily comical.

* Grim reaper plays xbox with boy/ xbox dies (red ring of death)/grim reaper gets mad and throws controller/ grim reaper touches boy/ boy is skeleton

I did not use this because it’s comical. Death isn’t necessarily comical.

* Head xray/ firing synapse/ slow of synapse/ dead brain

I used this as my project because I believe it was most parallel to my actual idea of death.